Skye Binegar

Office: Skiles 153

Email: skye AT gatech DOT edu

Hi! I'm a mathematics graduate student at Georgia Tech's School of Math. I was born in Oklahoma, and started to develop an interest in math during my undergraduate studies at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After graduating with a mathematics BA in May 2018, I came to Atlanta to pursue a Ph.D. at Georgia Tech. I'll be using this website to provide contact information and collect all the work I have done.


I am currently a teaching assistant for MATH 1712: Survey of Calculus.

As for research interests, I am interested in research problems in combinatorics and algebra. This is subject to change since I'm quite early in the Ph.D. program.

Other Interests

  • I enjoy cartoons and draw some very often. Let me know if you'd like to see me draw a dog.
  • Big coffee fan. I would appreciate any coffee recommendations in Atlanta.
  • I play very little music these day, but I still listen to it a bunch. Right now, I've been on a kick listening to Japanese disco from the seventies and eighties. I really enjoy talking about music so feel free to do that sometime.